Memorable 'Shark Tank' Contestant Arrested in Massive Drug Scandal

December 18, 2017Dec 18, 2017

A memorable contestant from the hit show “Shark Tank” was recently arrested following a drug scandal. John DePaola appeared on the show in 2014, where he and his two business partners presented the “Paint Brush Cover.”

The product grossed more than $1 million in sales and was sold in more than 14,000 stores after one of the sharks chose to invest in their business.

According to TMZ, DePaola was arrested over the weekend in a “massive drug bust” in New Jersey. He is believed to be a part of a group of 9 people that were distributing cocaine.

Police reportedly confiscated more than 700 grams of cocaine and nearly $15,000.

USA Today also reported that he was charged with conspiracy to possess cocaine. However, DePaola’s lawyer publicly denied that his client was involved in dealing drugs.

It is unclear if DePaola is guilty or not.

Ironically, DePaola previously stated in his “Shark Tank” episode that he and his business partners chose a better path even though they grew up "rough."

He said, “We come from New York City—rough neighborhood, rough growing up for all of us. We could have went the wrong way very easily, but we didn’t.”

Watch the “Shark Tank” episode with John DePaola below:

This story will be updated if additional details are released. In other recent news, a mother issued a warning against a popular toy that gave her daughter chemical burns.

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