Shaquille O’Neal Sparks Dating Speculation W/ Realtor Tiara Renee

Shaquille O’Neal Sparks Dating Speculation W/ Realtor Tiara Renee

It is Shaquile O’NealDating a 28 year-old realtor

A series of photos circulated recently showing the same thing. Shaquille “Shaq” O’Neal Getting up close and personal with Tiara Renee–a 28-year-old realtor based in Georgia. The 49-year-old former NBA star appears to be the one who snapped the pics, and it’s also worth noting that he’s holding an infant in one of the photos.

Below are the photos:

Tiara Renee This is the person who uploaded the photos. The caption is just:

“Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays [insert Christmas emojis].”

It’s unclear whether or not Shaq And Tiara Renee are an official couple, and–while she is confirmed to have welcomed her baby back in June–she doesn’t appear to have publicly identified who her son’s father is.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that Shaq didn’t re-share the upload to his own Instagram account, and he hasn’t publicly commented on the dating speculation via his social media accounts. He also isn’t following Tiara ReneeOn Instagram, she is following him.

This news comes approximately a month and a half after the fact Shaq‘s ex-wife–Shaunie O’Neal—got engaged to Keion HendersonThe pastor is based in Houston, Texas. The pair went public with their relationship back in July through a lengthy Instagram post, though it’s unclear when exactly the couple started seeing each other.

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