Actress Diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2015 Announces She’s Undergoing Surgery

May 02, 2018May 02, 2018

On Tuesday, May 1st, actress Shannen Doherty, 47, made an announcement that left some of her fans concerned. Doherty, best known for her roles in “Charmed,” “Beverly Hills, 90210,” and “Heathers,” is soon undergoing surgery.

Doherty did not specify what type of surgery was needed, but she did reveal that she was “banking blood” ahead of an upcoming procedure. Although little details were provided, it is widely known that Doherty was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and has been in remission since last year even after an elevated tumor was discovered, reported TODAY.

“My doctor had me bank some blood for my upcoming surgery. Mars P was patient with me and didn’t even roll his eyes at my anxiety over the needle size. He was patient, kind and really good,” the actress said with gratitude.

“As I sat there banking blood for myself, I asked him about some of the people also donating...So two of them come every 2 weeks and donate platelets which takes 2 hours. Another girl comes as often as allowed to donate blood,” she continued. “To say I’m moved by the generosity of people is an understatement.”

Because of these donors’ generosity, Doherty was inspired to start donating blood herself as long as she is cleared to do so in the future. Additionally, she gave a special thank you to blood donors, Mars P, other staff at the clinic, and the American Red Cross.

Read Doherty’s full statement below:

Please keep Shannen Doherty in your prayers during this time. May God her peace, comfort, and healing as she undergoes surgery.

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