Shailene Woodley Allegedly Broke Up With Aaron Rodgers For Being ‘Too Jealous And Controlling,’ Anonymous Source Says

Are you Shailene WoodleyAnd Aaron Rodgers through? One report says they’ve broken up before the wedding. Gossip Cop investigates.

Aaron Rodgers, Shailene Woodley ‘Over Already’?

According to OK!Woodley and Rodgers are splitting just one year after becoming public. Woodley made the decision to leave the Packers quarterback just before his birthday. “She felt Aaron can be too jealous and controlling,” a source says.

The two had committed to freedom at the start of their relationship, but Rodgers couldn’t stomach it. “Aaron started making a big deal out of Shailene having guy friends, even though those relationships were totally platonic,” the insider explains. Woodley has apparently moved on, however. A source concludes, “Shailene is a free spirit, and can’t be with someone who tries to cage her in.”

What’s Going On With Their Relationship?

Aaron Rodgers and Shailene woodley have not disputed this rumor. Woodley isn’t a big social media user, and Rodgers is a little preoccupied with the NFL playoffs to focus on Instagram. Both are freely exploring their worlds at the moment, but we do have a hint that they’re still together.

This tabloid says the two broke up around Rodgers’ birthday, which is on December 2. He spoke to him at the end the month. PeopleConcerning his future in Green Bay. This outlet is much more respected than OK!It still says he and Woodley are engaged. Rodgers is doing tons of press for the NFL these days, and so he’s had ample opportunity to reveal his relationship status.

The story is itself quite shady. How could any source know about Rodgers’ attitude towards Woodley’s male friends? This information is impossible to find unless Woodley or someone within her inner circle is tattling. Real friends wouldn’t talk to a magazine like this. Aside from these so-called sources, the tabloid can’t provide any proof of Rodgers’ controlling behavior whatsoever.

Other Bogus Stories

OK! is no stranger to announcing breakups that didn’t happen. It regularly claims Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn are calling it quits, yet they’re still together. Reese Witherspoon (and Jim Toth) are still married, despite what the outlet published in 2021.

Gossip cop has also exposed many stories about controlling people. Rodgers is in a stellar company: Eva Mendes, Cindy Crawford, and Priyanka Chpra were all called controlling. OK! too. It’s just a trope and nothing more. If Woodley and Rodgers do split up, you’ll see it plastered everywhere and not relegated to an unreliable tabloid.

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