Sessions Announces the Fate of DACA

September 05, 2017Sep 05, 2017

Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General of the United States, announced today that the DACA program, commonly known as the Dream Act, will be rescinded. The program started in 2012, and it provided a legal status to mostly adult illegal aliens. Sessions announced the decision during a press conference. 

"Such an open ended circumvention of immigration laws was an unconstitutional exercise of authority by the executive branch. The effect of this unilateral executive amnesty, among other things, contributed to a surge of minors at the border that yielded terrible humanitarian consequences," said Sessions.

In addition to the humanitarian problem that the law caused, he also highlighted economic impact. He discussed the large number of jobs that these "dreamers" have taken away from legal American citizens. 

"It also denied jobs from hundreds of thousands of Americans by allowing those same illegal aliens to take those jobs," said the attorney general. 

He also emphasized the importance of maintaining a rule of law, especially given America's historical context. Americans were given a highly developed legal system by our Founding Fathers, and it's our duty to protect that tradition.

"As the attorney general, it is my duty to insure that the laws of the United States are enforced and the constitutional order is upheld...Societies where the rule of law is treasured are societies that tend to flourish and succeed. Societies where the rule of law is subject to political whims and personal biases tend to become societies afflicted by corruption, poverty, and human suffering," declared Sessions. 

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