Serving Christ Led Her to Adopt 13 Girls By The Time She Turned 23

November 10, 2017Nov 10, 2017

By worldly standards, Katie Davis Majors threw away her life. At 18-years-old, the homecoming queen and senior class president gave up a world of opportunity to serve God.

In December of her senior year of high school, Katie traveled to Uganda for a mission trip. There, God wrote a desire to serve the people of Uganda on her heart. It became clear to Katie that she might follow the traditional path.

“In praying and seeking God about her next steps after graduation, Katie decided to forgo university and her yellow convertible. Instead, she committed one year to teaching kindergarten in an orphanage in Uganda,” recounts Bri Lamm for Faith It.

In 2008, after teaching for a year, Katie decided that Uganda would become her permanent home. She then became taking further steps to help the people who lived side-by-side with her.

She launched Amazima Ministries, named after the native Ugandan word for “truth.” Amazima is an organization designed to care for vulnerable children and families in Uganda.

But Katie didn’t stop there. The author of the New York Times bestseller “Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption” also began to adopt young orphans.

By the time she was 23 years old, Katie had become a mother to 13 young girls. She adopted them and raised them as her own.

Katie joined Kathie Lee and Hoda on the Today Show to talk about her new book, “Daring to Hope: Finding God's Goodness in the Broken and the Beautiful.” She shared with them she learned about what it means to love and be loved through the foster and adoption process.

“In those early days of laying sleepy heads on pillows and training tiny hearts to know Jesus, I had no comprehension of the wild, devastating, uncontainable love I would feel for them,” shared Katie.

She continued, “I didn’t know that they would somehow become extensions of me, that when they hurt I would hurt more deeply than I ever had before, and that when they showed delight over a success or an excitement for God’s Word, my heart would swell within me and I would be unable to contain tears of joy. I didn’t know that sometimes I would look at them and feel so much love that my heart would physically ache within my chest.”

At 23, Katie was a single mother of 13 girls, but God had more in store for her. Soon she would meet Benji Majors, and her life would transform once again.

Benji and Katie both grew up in Franklin, Tennessee, but they met for the first time when Majors arrived in Uganda. Like Katie, he came to serve as a missionary.

“We shared a hometown with only a few hilltops to keep our adolescent lives from ever intersecting,” Katie wrote on her blog.

The couple married in 2015. Katie’s 13 daughters served as their bridesmaids.

“My husband’s love is just another way God has chosen to pour [out] His extravagant love on me, another constant reminder that He rejoices over me, and over each one of our daughters. I watch them come alive under the loving gaze of their new father, I hear the delight and the certainty in their voices as they call ‘Dad.’”

Katie also spoke about living in Uganda. She doesn’t believe that living in a foreign country and shares the love Jesus makes her more a missionary than anyone else.

“I live in Uganda with my husband and my children. The people here, they are my neighbors, my friends, my family. These are the streets on which we live, the community we pray with, the friends we eat with, the people I wave to on the street. This is my home. What I do here, you can do there, right where you are.”

Katie’s words intend to inspire everyone to be a missionary wherever they live. Amazima Ministries is just one of the ways you can share Christ’s love and help improve the world.

Katie, who also has a little boy with her husband, says you don’t have to adopt 13 children to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Just share the love of God with those you meet every day.

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