Separation Of Religion And Reality: VA Hospital Removes Baby Jesus

December 21, 2015Dec 21, 2015

Under the false narrative of “separation of church and state,” the VA Hospital in Texas caved in to atheists religious intolerance and removed festive holiday decorations that are now deemed “offensive” and “overly religious.”

According to Fox News, a nativity display and a banner that reads: “Merry Christmas” was removed from the public areas. 

Vietnam veteran Ethel Holloway has been putting up the decorations for the past 33 years with no protest.  Now all of a sudden, America is caving in to anti-religious bigotry.  “They ruined our decorations,” Ethel said, “They threw them out.  They literally took pieces from the middle of a whole train set, because the middle said ‘Merry Christmas.”

In the religious purge, some of Ethel’s decorations were damaged.  The VA hospital has offered to reimburse the damages.  The veteran’s hospital tried to justify their censorship through a statement.  “We acknowledge that the corrective action should have been to display the faith-specific holiday decoration along with multiple religious faith symbols.  We are currently ensuring that our staff are educated and aware of the national policy throughout the facility,” the statement said.

What a sad day in this country when Christmas and Christianity is openly attacked and torn down without a fight.  People are so afraid to “offend” atheists that they willingly succumb to bigotry and silence their own faith.