Senior Couple’s Engagement Photos Go Viral, But the Real Story is How He Proposed

July 28, 2017Jul 28, 2017

A newly engaged senior couple recently went viral after their engagement photos were posted on social media. 70-year-old Murphy Wilson and 67-year-old Lucinda Myers couldn’t be more ecstatic for the big day on July 29th!

Their engagement in their later years has captured the attention of many, giving hope that “it is never too late to find love.” Wilson told People magazine, “We’re just two folks who are in love with each other and we’re having a good time. We happen to be senior citizens, but love has no age limit.”

The happy couple reportedly met in church and have a very strong faith. They have been dating for a few months, but knew each other a few years before. After spending more time together, God’s glorious plan for them unfolded.

Although their engagement in old age is a beautiful story, the real story is how he proposed. People reported that Wilson brought Myers a devotional. The devotion was “Jesus Always” by Sarah Young, who is also the author of the bestseller “Jesus Calling.” Myers loved the gift, but she didn’t realize what was so special about it until later.

Wilson had “Lucinda M. Wilson” engraved on the front cover, adding his last name to hers before he even popped the question. Once she noticed, he asked for her hand in marriage. Of course, she said YES! 

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