Senator Schumer Blasts Trump Amid Budget Deal, Compares Him to Jell-O

February 08, 2018Feb 08, 2018

Senator Chuck Schumer of New York and President Donald Trump have been in a major feud since the recent government shutdown. Their squabble started after Democrats and Republicans failed to reach an agreement regarding immigration, which is currently still in the works.

Previously, Senator Schumer blamed the President for the shutdown, referring to it as the “Trump Shutdown.” Additionally, he accused him of being “unwilling to compromise” and shamed his immigration views.

As the House and Senate prepare to vote on the budget deal (which politicians say is necessary to move forward on immigration), Schumer fired at President Trump again.

“President Trump was not involved in this [budget] process. He was not constructive when he spoke and tweeted,” Schumer stated, mocking the President. “He asked for a shutdown.”

“Oftentimes we can get a lot more done working with one another, and let the White House just sit on the sidelines because you don’t what their positions are,” he continued. “As I once said, negotiating with the President is like negotiating with Jell-O.”

“Oftentimes, their positions are just so far over to one side of the political spectrum...that they would never pass,” Schumer ended.

Watch Senator Schumer speak below:

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