Senate Democrats Fail To Protect American Citizens By Voting Against THIS Law

July 06, 2016Jul 06, 2016

After every terrorist attack or mass shooting, liberal politicians rally to try to tear apart the 2nd amendment and pass more restrictive gun laws. One would expect that every time someone in the country illegally commits a heinous crime the liberal politicians would band together to demand that federal immigration law be upheld and even further protections for American citizens be put in place.

Unfortunately that is never the case. After Kate Steinle was murdered in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant, Republican senators led by Ted Cruz worked towards passing a law that punishes sanctuary cities that refuse to enforce the law.

The law, known as Kate’s law went before the senate on Wednesday for a vote. The Republicans voted in favor of the law and the Democrats voted in favor of continuing to allow lawlessness in the sanctuary cities. According to Fox News, the vote was split down party lines and the Republicans did not get the 60 votes they needed for the law to advance.

Why do the Democrats refuse to protect American citizens?