Selling Sunset’s New Star Nicole Young Dated Jason Oppenheim

'Selling Sunset’ Star Amanza Smith Reveals New Cast Member Nicole Young Dated Jason Oppenheim

Nicole Young, Jason Oppenheim, and Amanza Smith.
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The plot thickens. There’s another person in the Sunsets on Sale universe Jason OppenheimHas dated: New cast member Nicole Young.

“[Nicole] dated Jason back in the day — she was the first,” Amanza SmithExclusively revealed to Us WeeklyOn Tuesday, August 30, she promoted her partnership with Glad ForceFlex and Clorox as well as her collection with Bella Boss. “I’ve known her for 10 years and she’s amazing. She’s not new to me. I’m just very glad that she’s finally on the show with us and we get to spend more time with her in the office because I adore Nicole. She’s known my kids since they were babies.”

Smith, 45, shares Noah, 11-year-old, and Braker (10-year-old) with her ex husband. Ralph Brown, added that Young, 37, is “really good at what she does.”

“She sells a ton of real estate … I think everyone will love her,” the interior designer continued. “She’s a pretty straight shooter … I think she’ll have an opinion.”

'Selling Sunset’ Star Amanza Smith Reveals New Cast Member Nicole Young Dated Jason Oppenheim

Nicole Young and Amanza Smith
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The realtor added that although she doesn’t know the other Sunsets for Sale newcomer, Bre Tiesi, too well, she seems to fit in with everyone’s “stepped up” fashion game. Tiesi, 31 years old, is a model and has two children. Nick CannonShe was previously married with a former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel.

“Everybody’s hairstyles are coming in super edgy and cool [this season],” Smith told Us. “More real estate, more beautiful homes, great fashion … and then hopefully I can steer clear from the drama. I’ve also learned to accept that sometimes you just can’t avoid it.”

Apart from chatting about Selling Sunset’s upcoming sixth season, the Indiana native also dished on Oppenheim’s other real estate office in Orange County which garnered a new Netflix show: Selling the OC.

“We are going to cheer on the OC just as much as we cheer on the people in our office so when they win, our brokerage wins as a whole,” Smith stated. “There would never be a competition. We are the OG even if there was a competition. So I’m not concerned about that.”

As far as a potential crossover goes, the style influencer said that she hadn’t heard anything yet to disclose to fans.

“It wouldn’t surprise me, so I think that could be fun,” she told Use. “Their office is definitely a lot nicer than ours! I would love the opportunity to spend a full day in their office. They have a gym, a bathroom and a full bar. They have a vault and I believe they have a pool table. It’s pretty crazy.”

The real estate agent added: “The office is really well done and we always give Jason s–t about not having as nice of an office. We were the originals so we’re trying to beg him to maybe extend our office … but we’ll see.”

While she’s not in the office, Smith continues to give house tours for prospective buyers at some of the most glamorous properties in Los Angeles. For her partnership with Glad, the reality star did a “really fun shoot” hiding the brand’s bags of stinky trash around the home while showing the space to buyers — and they didn’t suspect a thing.

Amanza Smith Glad Hot Pics

Amanza Smith
John Kringas

“The bags are Glad with Clorox and there’s this technology that eliminates odor,” Smith explained. “I had my eyes on all of the potential home buyers as they walked through the house and they [didn’t] even realize that they were inches away from a giant bag of trash — no one detected a thing!”

Smith has been busy promoting her collaborations with Bella Boss in L.A. The capsule collection is limited edition and includes a variety of casual-cool looks such as structured pleated pants and miniskirt sets.

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