Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn Confirms Season 6 Return: Details

She’s back! Christine Quinn is “absolutely” returning for season 6 of Selling SunsetDespite her exit from Oppenheim Group.

“I love the show,” the 33-year-old Netflix star exclusively told Us WeeklyWhile promoting her new book, How to Be a Boss B*tchThe new book,, will be available on Tuesday, May 17th. “The show is, like, my No. 1 [and]Everyone knows this. But we just have to get creative now because I don’t work for the Oppenheim Group. … Maybe it’s a battle of the brokerages.”

The Texas native hinted that viewers could see “a really interesting dynamic” develop between her and her former coworkers when the hit reality series returns. “I’m not going anywhere,” she reassured Us. “Like, I’ll always be on television. I’m not going anywhere. It’s just, like, let’s have fun with this now.”

Christine Quinn
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Christine added that — out of everyone at the Oppenheim Group — she would want newcomers Chelsea LazkaniAnd Vanessa Villela backing her up after she “terminated [her] contract” with the real estate office.

UseIt was confirmed that the former model would be leaving the high-end brokerage following the season 5. Selling SunsetFinale ended on a cliffhanger concerning Christine’s status within the company. “It was Christine’s decision to leave the Oppenheim Group,” a source noted as Christine’s bio was wiped from the office’s website.

Christine, despite her ups and downs in her relationship with other Oppenheim Group agents, told UseThere are no hard feelings between them Jason OppenheimDuring the reunion special season 5, he hinted that there might not be room for Christine at the company. “We’re in a really good place,” she said of her former boss.

Jason, 45, began questioning Christine about the most recent season. Sunsets for SaleAfter she was accused of offering $5,000 for one of her clients Emma Hernan‘s clients in exchange for no longer working with the Boston native. Chrishell Stause’s ex-boyfriend and Mary FitzgeraldChristine denied any wrongdoing when Christine tried to get to grips with the situation.

Christine Quinn Confirms Selling Sunset Season 6 Return, Says She's 'In a Really Good Place' With Jason After Leaving the Oppenheim Group

Chelsea Lazkani, Jason Oppenheim, Christine Quinn, and Brett Oppenheim on ‘Selling Sunset.’
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“Bless their hearts for trying,” she told Use. “But no, that absolutely did not happen. … I watched the show and I was shocked. I was completely shocked.”

Christine and her ex-boss have been in touch ever since the drama ended. They seem to have made amends. “He just says, you know, ‘I was going off the information that I was given,’” she recalled. “And I said, ‘Well, I wish you would have called me. I wish you would’ve told me, you know, that you were doing this, and I would’ve talked anything through with you and answered any questions for you.’”

Christine and her husband, Chris, are helping her navigate her post-Oppenheim Group career. Christian RichardThey are excited about launching, which integrates cryptocurrency in the real estate industry. Leaving the real estate office “was not a hard decision,” Christine told Us.

“I was in an environment where people weren’t so supportive of my goals,” she explained. “I saw a trend change in the future and I needed to meet that trend and I needed to be ahead of the curve. So that’s why I had to start my business. I saw a hole in the market where buyers and sellers were coming to me and saying, you know, ‘Hi, I have all this cryptocurrency and I need to be able to do a transaction.’ … I’m so happy I did it.”

How to Be a Boss B*tchIt is now available.

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