Selena’s Husband, Chris Perez, Is Now A Father Of Two Kids

Since the premiere of the show on Netflix, it has been viewed over a billion times. Selena: The SeriesPeople can now get a closer glimpse into the life and death struggles of rising Latina pop stars. Selena QuintanillaThe tragically young life of, Viewers also learned about her intimate romance with her bandmate and their marriage. Chris Perez

Selena’s passing affected millions of fans across the world, however, it was Perez who was left with a void that will remain forever. Their relationship began in their music group Selena y Los Dinos around 1989 and the couple married in 1992—Perez would remain faithfully by her side until her untimely death in 1995 when she was shot by Yolanda Saldívar, who was president of a Selena fan clubAt the time, he was serving a life sentence.

Now that the popular series has brought Selena back in the spotlight, it’s also had fans wondering about Perez and what his life has been like after her passing. Not only did the guitarist continue to have success in his own musical and business endeavors, playing guitar on Selena’s posthumous 1995 album, Dreaming of youHe also started his own hot sauce company. He also found love again and had a family. This is what we know about Selena’s widower and his life after a tragedy. 

Chris Perez Remarried After Selena’s Death In 2001


Perez will never be able to forget his first wife. He will always cherish her memory and keep her spirit in his heart. However, he knew that life must go on. After years of grieving, Perez met Vanessa Villanueva through an old friend in 1998. They were married in 1998. dated for four yearsBefore they got married in 2001. They divorced in 2008 and decided to end the relationship. 

Since their relationship took place before social media, details of their marriage and divorce aren’t known—although it’s been rumored it was due to Perez’s struggles with drinking alcohol and not because of the loss of his late wife. Perez doesn’t talk much about his late wife as of today. Villanueva on his social media

During Perez’s intensely romantic relationship with Selena, the pair never had children—she was just blossoming in her career and Perez was cheering her on as she was starting to rise to the top. His dreams of becoming father were realized when he married Villanueva. The couple had two children together—a daughter, Cassie, and a son, Noah. 

What We Know About Noah’s Children, Cassie and Noah

Not much is known about Cassie and Noah, but according to Instagram posts, Perez seems to be extremely proud of both of them—they also are both following in his footsteps playing music themselves. Perez has boasted about Noah, who has Downs Syndrome, on his 16th birthday and shared a “proud dad moment” when he was able to perform with Cassie on stage in front of a live audience. 

“Just came across this picture and had a ‘proud dad’ moment… I never thought she’d have the guts to do it, lol! But once again, she surprised me,” he captioned. “My daughter not only went up and sang/played guitar with me in front of thousands of people, she kicked ass! Hoping to do it again when all this pandemic craziness is over.”

The Grammy-award winner’s daughter, Cassie, is on Instagram where she regularly shares her love for both her brother and her dad. According to her profile, she’s the mother of a Saint Bernard and the creator and owner of Ethereal Beauty skincare company.