Selena Gomez Shares Tearjerking Story of Finding Jesus in Hollywood

November 24, 2017Nov 24, 2017

Popstar and actress Selena Gomez has been making major headlines recently as she becomes more open about her faith. After it was revealed that her and boyfriend Justin Bieber got back together earlier this Fall, the two have been very involved in Pastor Carl Lentz’s church—Hillsong—in New York City.

In September, the “13 Reasons Why” producer announced that she had to receive a kidney transplant as a result of suffering from Lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease. Since then, she has emphasized the importance of her faith.

In November, Gomez spoke at Hillsong’s 2017 conference, going further into detail about her testimony, reported CBN News. She has had a heart for God since she was a teenager, but had her first genuine encounter with Jesus Christ a few years ago, while trying to overcome struggles in the Hollywood industry.

She read a personal letter to the crowd, as she choked up and tears streamed down her face.

Gomez began discussing the kind of faith she had when she was younger, "You have know idea who God is; He is faithfully surrounding you, but you don’t even realize it yet...You already have faith but you have no idea what you have faith in. You are already being pursued by God who knit you together and called you His, but you still don't know that this can be more than a nightly prayer, you don't know that this will become the most important relationship, but just wait."

She touched on Hollywood being “painful” and “confusing.” She stated in reference to herself, “You will feel like you’ve lost everything, but know that this is to gain the very things that He has for you.”

The singer noted it took her years to “learn that your identity is rooted in something so much deeper than the decisions you have made,” after fighting through guilt and shame.

While holding a tissue to her face, she continued, “You will learn that affirmation of others will never be enough. You will learn that pleasing people is not your purpose. You will learn that God’s heart for you is so much softer than this. He doesn’t want you to pull it all together to show you that you are enough. He has simply called you to walk faithfully in a way that allows others to see that He is enough.”

She ended, drawing in loud applause from the room, “You are enough because you are a child of God who has been pursued from the very beginning. You are enough because His grace has saved you and it covers you. Every good thing you do will flow from this truth—what you give to others will always be an overflow of what He has given to you...You can rest. You can have faith in a future that is secure, not because of your own string, but because of the Grace [of God].”

Watch Gomez speak at the conference below:

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