Selena Gomez's Mom Opens Up About Her Daughter's Harrowing Surgery

September 18, 2017Sep 18, 2017

Last week, Selena Gomez revealed shocking news: at only 25 years old, she had received a kidney transplant. Gomez suffers from a chronic autoimmune condition called Lupus that necessitated the transplant. 

Mandy Teefy, Selena's mom, just broke her silence about how the harrowing experience made her feel. She described how "helpless" she felt as her daughter grew more and more ill, and how she feels about Francia Raisa, another actress who donated her kidney to Gomez. 

Last Thursday, Gomez revealed her transplant in a powerful post on Instagram. The picture featured her and Raisa laying side-by-side in hospital beds. In the caption, she shared her struggle with fans, explaining why she hadn't been promoting her music.

Gomez's mom reposted the photo on Monday with an equally powerful caption. 

“This picture is one of the most breathtaking images that will live with me forever. For all those moments of not knowing if we were going up or going down, I can always come back to this picture and know we can always make it back up," wrote Teefy of her daughter's ordeal. 

She also dwelled on how the situation made her feel. It had to be incredibly hard for a mother to have her child require major surgery. 

"As a mother, I was helpless, scared, and all I could do was pray for both of them, Francia's beautiful family.”

She also added, “I am pretty sure I am banned from that hospital. Mama Bear was in high gear. Selena gained a kidney, I was able to keep my little girl, but I also gained another daughter ... thank you to everyone who was there for Sel, Francia, and our families. We survived from all the love, prayers and God.”

Selena's procedure—and her openness about the situation—not only gained her a sister, but it's also helping others with Lupus. Since her announcement last Thursday, more than a half-million dollars have been donated to Lupus research. The photo below shows Selena's scar from her surgery. 

Pray for Selena and for all those that have Lupus—that we might find a cure for this debilitating chronic disorder. In other tragic news, a star from "The Voice" is mourning a tragic loss

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