See the Storybook Ending to the Royal Wedding Between Prince Harry and Meghan

May 20, 2018May 20, 2018

At a spectacular wedding at Windsor Castle, Prince Harry wed the American Meghan Markle before a captivated world. The wedding alone was worth the celebration, but what happened after truly captured a storybook ending to their special day.

According to People, the ceremony followed a traditional path, although the day was notable for some of the ways it broke from tradition. One of them occurred when Meghan walked herself partway down the aisle, then was met by Prince Charles, who led her to the altar.

The reception that followed was attended by 200 special guests and closest friends at Frogmore House. According to The Daily Mail, loud music could be heard across the grounds at Windsor Castle. Paparazzi were not invited to the event.

During the reception, Prince Harry made sure to thank everyone who helped out with the wedding, ensuring that it went off without a hitch. During his speech, he also spoke for the first time of Meghan as “my wife and I,” according to Pop Culture

That evening, a storybook ending concluded their fairy-tale wedding when the whole night sky lit up with fireworks. It was spectacular.

Prince Harry also spoke to the Americans in the room, joking with them, “Please, when you leave, be quiet as you don’t want to wake the neighbors,” according to a guest who attended the event.

Prince Charles also spoke, saying, “My darling old Harry, I’m so happy for you.”

Harry and Markle will now be known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Markle will not be referred to as a princess since she was not born into the royal family. A full title of her name will be “Meghan, Her Royal Highness Princess Henry of Sussex.”

Please pray for Prince Harry and Meghan as they begin their journey together. Be sure to see their delicious royal wedding cake

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