See the Dramatic Footage of the Moment a Tree Branch Almost Took Out Bride and Groom

July 05, 2018Jul 05, 2018

Weddings are supposed to be a time filled with love, happiness, and the beautiful support of friends and family members. While the celebrations are usually described as a couple's "best day of their lives," there is usually at least one thing that goes wrong throughout the day. 

Whether the cake doesn't get delivered on time, a bridesmaid has a dramatic episode while getting ready, the best man forgets to grab the rings out of the back room, or it rains on the ceremony, some sort of minor disaster is almost inevitable. For one couple who recently got married, however, their ceremony almost ended in a not-so-minor disaster.

ABC News revealed footage from a wedding that almost ended poorly when a bride and groom barely dodged a tree branch that came crashing down on them. The incident took place while the couple was filming their wedding video. 

Often, a couple will choose to have a photographer and a videographer for their big day. The videographer will get footage throughout the ceremony and reception, but will also usually do a lot of the filming before the ceremony starts. In this particular case, the videographer, F & J Productions, had the couple wear mics and describe their excitement for their big day. 

As the couple is sitting down talking to the camera, they look up in shock as they see a giant tree branch crashing down on them. Right in time, the couple dodges out of the way and avoids the falling tree. 

Below is the footage from the wedding, with a few other shots that the videographer took as well. Wait for the first few shots to see the dramatic moment caught on film:

Thankfully, the couple was not harmed and the rest of the day reportedly went off smoothly! Congrats to the happy couple! What do you think about this dramatic footage?! Let us know! In other recent news, a Christian Grammy Award-winning singer just proposed to his gf on the 4th of July! See the adorable video!