See the Chilling Photo of Massive Iceberg Scary Close to a Village, Evacuation Mandatory

July 13, 2018Jul 13, 2018

A chilling photo has just been released from the western coast of Greenland. The photo shows a massive iceberg that has drifted dangerously close to a tiny village on the coast.

While the photo is stunning, it is also scary! See the photo below:

According to Reuters, the iceberg is so close that officials are fearful that the entire settlement would be wiped out from a tsunami. If the iceberg calves, the entire village would be flooded over from the resounding waves.

The village is called Innaarsuit. According to reports, the iceberg is extremely close and “towering over” the houses nearby. At this point, however, the iceberg has grounded. Thankfully, it did not move at all over the scope of Thursday night.

Due to the extreme threat that the iceberg is causing, a mandatory evacuation has been ordered for the “danger zone.” Most of the residents in that area have moved up to a steeper slope to another settlement, a police spokesman confirmed.

This is not the first time that small villages like this have been in extreme danger due to icebergs. Last year, at least four people were killed by waves tumbling over a settlement in Greenland as well.

Now, authorities are on high alert. Please be praying for the safety of everyone who lives in this village! We will continue as more information is revealed. Share your prayers here. In other recent news, people are going crazy over footage of Melania getting super into a game with kids and her intense game face!