See The Brutal Brawl That Got 23 Family Members Kicked Off a Cruise

February 16, 2018Feb 16, 2018

In Australia, the tranquility of a Carnival Cruise Lines ship was shattered by a violent brawl. Individuals looked on as at least people jumped into the fray and security tried to break it up, which ended in 23 people from the same family getting ousted from the cruise, reported People. 

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, at least 30 people were injured on the cruise ship during the fight, which broke out around 12:45 a.m. local time on Friday.

It is unclear how the "mid-sea squabble" started, but an Australian radio station 3AWRadio obtained footage that shows security personnel scrambling to break up a crowd of people. The video shows people in the tussle throwing punches and security tackling passengers to the ground.

Warning: while it's not clear what people are saying on the video, there could be swearing.

The fight broke out on the eighth night of the 10-day cruise. It was so severe that it prompted the ship to dock in New South Wales. There, 23 passengers—all part of the same family—were removed from the boat. A Carnival Cruise spokesperson confirmed that fact. The cruise then continued on its journey back to Melbourne.

Carnival didn't say if the family will face any charges for the fight. Marine Area Command officials are currently investigating it.

"Passengers described the incident as a 'bloodbath'— and one even dubbed the 10-day trip the 'cruise from hell,'" reported People.

David Barkho told reports that his son was on the cruise, and he called his dad around received 1 a.m. asking if he could call the police. Barkho said his son told him that he could see “a lot of people bleeding, a lot of people down on the ground.”

Cruise representatives said they are currently conducting a full investigation into the incident.

“The safety and security of our guests and crew is our number one priority; we apply a zero-tolerance approach to excessive behavior that affects other guests,” Carnival Cruise Line said in a statement.

They didn't comment on footage that shows security personnel onboard the ship repeatedly kicking passengers to subdue them.

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