See the Heartwarming Photo of Barbara Bush and Her Dogs Wearing Matching Outfits

April 18, 2018Apr 18, 2018

After the Bushes announced that Barbara Bush would no longer be seeking treatment for her several illnesses, people began remembering her remarkable legacy. Those who had the honor of interacting with the former First Lady took to Twitter to share their fondest memories.

Andrew Kaczynski from CNN said he didn't have a personal story to share about Bush like a lot of other reporters, but he did unearth a wonderful photo. The picture shows Bush and her beloved dogs wearing matching tracksuits.

The First Lady was known her love and devotion to her dogs, and this photo definitely shows it. The photo shows her on her knees with her Springer Spaniels.

People also notes that Mrs. Bush loved her dogs so much that she wrote two children's books from the perspective of their family dog, Millie. The book, "Millie's Story," which was published in 1992, told of a day in the life of George H.W. Bush and family. It included his daily morning briefings and time spent in the Oval Office. The book shot straight to no. 1 on the New York Times best-seller list.

People on Twitter loved the way the photo showed the First Lady's personality.

Other people followed Kaczynski's lead, sharing photos or stories about Mrs. Bush and her dogs.

Please pray for the Bush family as they mourn their matriarch's passing. George H.W. Bush released a faith-filled statement on Wednesday about her passing.


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