See Kate Middleton’s Most Daring, Royal Protocol-Breaking Style Moments

Kate MiddletonShe had a lot to learn from her marriage into the British royal family. This included the strict protocol that governs how the family behaves in public. Over the years, she’s broken a few of those rules, though as the youngest generation of royals, Middleton has been instrumental in bringing a more modern air to some of the customs that have gotten stuffy over the decades.

The British royal family must follow certain fashion rules when out in public. While many of these rules concern modesty, others are in keeping with Queen Elizabeth’s preferences. Some of those rules are fairly famous, like the fact that brides have to get the queen’s approval for their wedding gown before the royal nuptials take place. Some rules are more difficult to overlook.

Kate Middleton shrugs off the Royal Convention

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Since Queen Elizabeth famously prefers modesty, having even gone so far as to say she finds the word “pregnant” to be “vulgar,” conservative dress is a must for royals, especially the ladies. This pale sea-foam green dress makes Middleton look radiant, despite the fact that her shoulders are covered.

With a large swath of her chest exposed, not to mention those bare shoulders, this look declared that Middleton wouldn’t be tied down with old royal traditions. This also happened to be the Duchess of Cambridge’s first solo public engagement, so she set the tone right off the bat.

Middleton’s Down-To-Earth Nature On Display

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Middleton kept her look casual and cute while attending the Sportaid Athlete Workshop at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in 2013. This is fitting as she was expected to take part in some of these sporting activities. Surprisingly enough, the jeans aren’t a breach of royal protocol, but Middleton’s stylish shoes are. The queen prefers royal ladies to wear closed-toe heels. Stilettos or kitten heels are acceptable. Wedges, sadly, are on the “do not wear” list.

Follow one rule and break another

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Queen Elizabeth also prefers that her fellow royal women wear tights or pants while in public. Middleton follows this rule in the above photograph taken in Portsmouth. The cheeky little slit in her skirt is a bit too racy for some and may have raised eyebrows. We can’t help but dig the nautical theme Middleton has going on while attending the launch of two 1851 Trust’s new sailing projects.

A Daring Plunge

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One must look their best when attending a Vogue event, especially their Vogue 100: A Century Of Style exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery. Middleton wore a pale pink blouse with a matching skirt for this event. Per royal protocol, as dictated by Queen Elizabeth’s preference for pale, natural nails, Middleton’s polish is either clear or non-existent. Her top has a very low neckline which breaks protocol regarding modesty.

Breaking Rules for the Youth

(Ian Vogler – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Although Queen Elizabeth would rather have royal women wear dresses and skirts, pants aren’t expressly forbidden. That’s a good thing, too, since Middleton’s royal appearances often bring her up close and personal with children, whom the royals tend to bend towards when engaging them in conversation. That typically brings them down to eye level with the smaller crowd, which can get a bit awkward when you’re trying to work around a skirt.

Two Broken Rules for One

During her recent visit to the Foundling’s Museum, Middleton broke two different royal protocols. The first is the rule regarding coats. A royal who wears a coat in public must remove it. They are to keep it during the engagement. Middleton and Prince William removed their heavier overcoats when they entered the museum.

Middleton also flouted another royal rule with her all-black outfit. Traditional royals wear black only for funerals and other events. When you look this good in black, though, that’s a rule that’s meant to be broken.

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