Security Department Warns Houston, Miami of ISIS' Direct Threat

September 16, 2017Sep 16, 2017

ISIS' desire to hurt America is very real, and it is especially evidenced by their low-down plan to kick America when she is most down. Following the terrible hurricane destruction in Texas and Florida, ISIS has encouraged followers to attack shelters in Houston and Miami.

CNBC reports that the Department of Homeland Security obtained a document on September 11 from ISIS that threatens Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami and Las Vegas. Another document obtained just after the Houston devastation calls for lone wolf attacks on Houston shelters. 

"To all the (lone mujahids) in the U.S. (warrior), pop down to Houston and drop in at any of the relief centers housing displaced people from the Houston floods, make sure to bring lots of supplies/gadgets/toys to see if you can help put any (unbeliever) out of their misery," reads the document. 

The document also gave credit to Allah for attacking the U.S. with natural disasters: "Another Jihadist, in Arabic writing said, 'A historic hurricane will hit Florida, especially the city of Miami soon' One that would leave an 'international tragedy' on American soil. He quotes Allah saying that a 'roaring wind in the days of the snakes' had been sent and makes use of a hurricane emoji."

A security analyst wrote in the document that "these posts appear to be more aspirational than operational, with hopes that their followers would then act on calls for attacks. Incidents involving lone wolf attackers have demonstrated the potential danger, lethality and effectiveness of a rehearsed small arms or knife attack that can be carried out by a single individual with little or no training. It also underscores the potentially higher consequences of an assault attack involving multiple operatives."

With another terror attack credited to ISIS that just happened in London, we need to be praying that God protects our people. What do you think of this encouragement from ISIS to attack the vulnerable people in shelters? Post your thoughts and prayers in the comments! Thank you!

Here are some pictures that highlight the massive destruction caused by Irma. There's going to be a lot of rebuilding in the next couple of years! 

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