Secret Obama Administration Policy Kept Terrorists Safe

December 14, 2015Dec 14, 2015

It was revealed today that the Department of Homeland Security seemed to have been more concerned about "public relations" than keeping Americans safe.

In news released today, it was revealed that the Dept. of Homeland Security decided to keep a policy that prevented its personnel from looking at social media of foreign citizens applying for US visas. The reason, according to Fox News? There might be a "civil liberties backlash" and "bad public relations."

Can you picture how foolish that is? Someone could apply for a visa—like the recent "terrorist bride"—and they might have information on their social media profile that would clearly show they were a terrorist. Our own US personnel reviewing the application were prohibited by the Obama Administration from even looking at the social media page which could help them determine if the person was safe.

In this day and age, that is insanity. When social media is so prevalent—and terrorists are using it as a main means of communication—we are prohibiting our own people from looking at it because it might be "bad public relations" from people concerned about civil liberties?   

What about the civil liberties of the 14 people massacred in San Bernardino by a couple where the wife came in under this visa program? What about the civil liberties of hundreds of millions of Americans who now may have thousands of terrorists living among us let in by these programs?