Member of the Seattle Seahawks Family Shot Dead in Road Rage Dispute Over Parking Space, Please Pray

February 19, 2019Feb 19, 2019

A sad situation has just taken place that has resulted in the loss of a former member of the Seattle Seahawks. Anthony Cunningham was just gunned down in a road rage incident over a parking space dispute.

According to reports, Anthony was shot numerous times. Officials are investigating the incident and it appears that the man who shot him was actually his neighbor.

"Marcus Johnson, 31, was being held on a first-degree murder charge Sunday. Johnson, who lived across the street from Cunningham, told investigators the former football player attacked him earlier that Sunday, officials said. The two then met at Eaglecrest High School to settle their fight and only the suspect brought a gun, officials said," according to Fox.

The gun was said to have been recovered at the scene of the crime. Cunningham was most recently an assistant principal at Hinkley High School in Aurora, Colorado.

"Cunningham played three seasons at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He played both wide receiver and defensive back. In his final season, he recorded two interceptions. He was later drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in the sixth round of the 1996 NFL Draft. After playing nine games, he was forced to end his career due to injuries," wrote Fox News.

Please join us in praying for everyone involved in this incident and especially for all the children who just lost a parent. We need to remember to humble ourselves and turn toward the Lord and always remember that no parking spot is worth losing a life over.

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