Search Is On for American Family of Four Missing After Reported Pirate Attack

November 02, 2017Nov 02, 2017


This family was found alive and in good condition on Wednesday night. It is still unclear how the family escaped, but a family spokesman, Colby Guillory, commented on the situation. 

He said, "Me knowing Adam, he probably took it upon himself to save his family. We just know that sometime between pirates overtaking the boat and leaving the boat, [they] went missing. We think they jumped."

Thank God that this family is safe! Below is the full original story:

Original Story:

Reports have emerged about an American family of four who went missing after being robbed by pirates. According to police, the family was in the Amazon on a ferry when the robbery took place. 

Now, the search is on for Adam Hearteau, 39, Emily Faith, 37, and their daughters, Colette, 7, and Sierra, 3. The family was last seen on Sunday. According to the Daily Mail, several "heavily armed men hijacked" the boat that they were on. 

The family has been traveling the world for years. They left their home state of California in 2012 to start a one-year round-the-world excursion. That year turned into several years of a travel lifestyle. 

While traveling, Adam works as a photographer and artist, while Emily works as a fashion designer and chef. The family lives in a van that was adapted to provide beds, a full kitchen, and extra living space. 

Their last post on their blog was on October 12 and talked about their time in Brazil. The family went missing around 7 p.m. on Sunday night. Reportedly, the passengers and crew on the Swallow ferry were attacked by pirates, who forced the ferry into an unknown area. There, they held the passengers hostage for several hours.

Everything was stolen on board, and the passengers were left stranded when the pirates left. When the police were able to report to the scene, the American family was gone.

Since then, police have located the Hearteau's abandoned van in the forest. Sadly, they have seen no signs of the family. 

A spokesman said, "We are urgently searching for the family and hoping they will have been helped by locals in surrounding villages. But as of now they are still missing."

The Ministry of Public Security and Social Defence spokesperson said, "We have launched a full search with the civil police, military police, air rescue and fire department involved. We are searching social networks for any form of contact made by the family and are in touch with their relatives in Florianopolis, where the family have a residence and with their family in the USA."

Please be praying for the continued safety of this family. In other breaking news, an 11-year-old just committed suicide after a month of being bullied. Please keep her family in your prayers during this unimaginably difficult time.

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