Search for Mollie Tibbetts Narrowed, Police Looking at 5 Locations Desperately Looking for Answers

August 14, 2018Aug 14, 2018

Over the last few weeks, authorities have been on an extensive search for college student Mollie Tibbetts. The 20-year-old girl disappeared on July 18. 

Since her disappearance, several theories have emerged regarding her whereabouts. Her father, Rob, gave an impassioned plea last week, believing that his daughter is alive and being held captive by someone that she knows. 

The upcoming college sophomore was believed to have been out on a run right before she disappeared. One man, Devin Riley, contacted authorities and said that he believes he could have been the last person to spot Tibbetts before she disappeared.  

He said, "I remember her. She was wearing a neon pink sports bra with black capri yoga pants and an armband with her music device, or in a ponytail, just jogging like normal, any other day."

Now, Mollie's search has narrowed location wise. According to Fox News, investigators are focusing on a few key areas in the search. They are focusing on some businesses and tracts of land in the rural Iowa city where Tibbetts was last seen. 

There are five key locations in the Brooklyn, Iowa area that they are looking into. Within those five areas are a car wash, a TA truck stop next to the interstate, and other plain areas of land. The land includes two "sparsely-populated tracts of farmland" that are only accessible by dirt roads. One of these farmlands is next to Big Bear Creek, which eventually connects to the Iowa River. 

The final piece of land authorities are investigating is in the vicinity of Mollie's boyfriend's home, the area that she was staying in at the time of her disappearance. 

At this point, authorities have not confirmed why they chose these specific five locations to look into. Police are still asking for any information at all that could assist in this case. 

We will continue to update as more information is reported in this case. Meanwhile, please continue to pray for Mollie's safety! Share your prayers here! In other recent news, dozens are dead after a horrible bridge crash and prayers are desperately needed.