9 Dead After Flash Flood in Arizona Washes Family Away

July 17, 2017Jul 17, 2017

According to the Gila County Sheriff's Department, a group of people was swimming in the Cold Springs swimming hole in Payson, Arizona on Saturday when a flash flood occurred and overtook the group of swimmers. There was a total of 14 people involved and four of them were able to be rescued and airlifted to the hospital.


Sadly, nine individuals were killed in the flood with one individual still missing. All nine of the victims were from the same family and ranged from age 2-60. 

Rescuers are continuing their search for a 27-year-old male who is still missing at this time. Crews are still considering this a rescue situation, not a recovery situation. We pray he will be found alive!

On Sunday, Gila County Sherriff's Office released a statement on the events from Saturday saying "The Payson Area experienced heavy rain throughout the region causing flash flooding in that area.". According to ABC News, "The storm was violent, and unleashed 6-foot-high flood waters, dark with ash from a summer wildfire".

Please pray for God's comfort for this heartbroken family after such a devastating event. Also, continue to pray for the search and rescue team and the missing individual.