Sean Hannity is Furious Over Fox News Death Threats

August 17, 2017Aug 17, 2017

With the culture war hotter than ever, it can at times not only mean the possible death of an uncontroversial political career, but also a literal death, to remark on the President of the United States on television. This is at least the case with Eboni K. Williams, a host on the Fox News Channel, who received a series of death threats after criticizing Trump on air Monday.

The co-host addressed Trump on her “Eboni’s Docket” segment, where she berated President Trump for failing to specify white nationalist groups in his condemnation of the violence at Charlottesville. Along with many other commentators in the media, Eboni believed the president should take full opportunity to condemn by name the groups protesting at the rally. In particular, the media demanded that President Trump condemn white nationalists, the KKK, and Neo-Nazis.

During a protest over the planned removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee, things quickly turned violent, with protesters and counter-protesters at odds with one another. The climax of the event occurred when a white nationalist, in a violent rampage, rammed his car into the crowd of counter-protesters. One woman died and many people were injured.

Eboni told Variety in an interview that after the segment she received an unusual amount of emails. The vast majority of them, she claimed, were seething. 

“I should meet my maker soon, I should not be allowed to walk on the streets of New York,” she cited as some examples of the emails she received. “They heard that I live in Harlem – Harlem needs to watch out.”

Her book publisher became so concerned that he asked for additional security requests at Fox News. Eboni became worried as well, since the responses she usually gets from Fox News viewers were so significantly different from the ones she received after this segment. Although viewers sometimes disagree with her views, the type of rhetoric used in this week’s emails are not the usual.

The Daily Caller reports that colleague Sean Hannity is furious over the death threats aimed at his colleague. Hannity, who is currently one of Trump’s most prominent supporters in the media, went to Twitter to express his outrage at the death threats aimed at his colleague.

“EboniKWilliams is a dear friend! This is a national disgrace that people cannot accept differences Haters back off all of FNC supports her!”

In related news, Sean Hannity has threatened legal action against Obama with the "biggest lawsuit" that he can.

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