Sean 'Diddy' Combs Wants to Buy the Panthers and Sign Colin Kaepernick

December 18, 2017Dec 18, 2017

Recently, the current owner of the Carolina Panthers, Jerry Richardson, has been accused of sexual and racial misconduct. Richardson has since announced his plans to "turn over the franchise" and that it would be for sale at the end of the NFL season.

Following the announcement, hip-hop mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs has stepped forward stating he wants to purchase the team. Diddy said he hopes to purchase the franchise and then sign currently unemployed Colin Kaepernick to the team.

"I would like to buy the @Panthers. Spread the word. Retweet!" Combs tweeted on Sunday.

The music superstar went into more detail about his plans to bring Kaepernick on his team in an Instagram post on Sunday as well.

“I will immediately address the Colin Kaepernick situation and put him in the running for next year’s starting quarterback,” Diddy said in a video. "It’s just competition, baby. It’s just competition."

He also went on to say he would also improve the halftime shows and that the team would win multiple Super Bowls. “I will have the best halftime show, the best selection of music, and we will win Super Bowl after Super Bowl."

While Combs has big plans for the future, New York Daily News see a slight problem with his proposition. The Panthers are reportedly worth $120 million more than Diddy's net worth, thus needing several investors in order to make a deal.

What do you think about his recent announcement? In other breaking news, President Trump has just responded to the Amtrack derailment. 

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