Schools Sparking OUTRAGE For What They’re Doing For ‘Day Without A Woman’

March 07, 2017Mar 07, 2017

The “Day Without A Woman” protest march — also known as “A Day Without Women” — set for Wednesday has already been causing a lot of controversy because of its close ties to liberal and anti-President Trump groups like Planned Parenthood, AFL-CIO,, National Women’s Liberation, Amnesty International, Democracy Spring, Got A Girl Crush, the Sierra Club, and UltraViolet, among many others.

Some conservatives are seeing it simply as the “Women’s March” 2.0, patterned closely after the vitriolic anti-Trump protest following Inauguration Day.

And now “Day Without A Woman” is being hit with even more criticism after some schools announced they would take drastic action on Wednesday (see the Fox News report below):

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