School Tries to Force Male Teacher to Watch a Girl Undress, Silences Students Who Object

November 25, 2018Nov 25, 2018

Imagine: you're a happily-employed gym teacher that has just been told that a member of the opposite sex would now be undressing and showering in your locker amongst your opposite-sex students. And you're not allowed to tell the parents.

Crazy, right? Nope, it's becoming the new norm after the snowball President Obama got rolling in his gender-erasing administration. Just before his leave, Obama and other liberals tried to force schools to erase gender distinctions lest they lose federal funding, called Title IV.

Thankfully, President Trump is planning to reverse Obama's damage by cementing a firm definition of gender, corresponding to one's biological sex. But in the meantime, gym teacher Robert Oppedisano has to face being transferred because he refuses to watch a female student undress in his locker room amongst the boys he feels called to protect.

Life Site News reports that two teachers in Florida, Robert Oppedisano and Stephanie Christensen at Chasco Middle School (CMS), are contesting the school's pressure to give a female student who identifies as a boy full access to the boys' locker room without notifying either the students or the parents. The school administration has said the girl has "every right to use" the boys' locker room.

The matter was brought to the two teachers after the boys in the locker room felt embarrassed that they were having to undress in front of someone who was obviously a girl. But they were silenced by the school, being told it their embarrassment was "discriminatory."

“Robert will not knowingly place himself in a position to observe a minor female in the nude or otherwise in a state of undress,” Liberty Counsel writes. “Now, Robert has been told by administrators that he will be transferred to another school as discipline for ‘not doing your job in the locker room.’”

Fellow teacher Christensen agrees with Oppedisano: "I told them I have an issue with it," she said. "Part of my concern is, if students are allowed to do this, the other kids and their parents have a right to know. It’s their privacy, too."

"The Supreme Court has acknowledged the lawfulness of sex-based standards that flow from legitimate biological differences between the sexes,” Liberty Counsel says, who is representing the teachers, explaining that the court's ruling seeks to “ensure fairness, equity, and safety; satisfy reasonable expectations of a constitutional right to privacy; reflect common practice in society; and promote core values of dignity and respect between boys and girls."

“Even Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has stated, ‘Separate places to disrobe, sleep, perform personal bodily functions are permitted, in some situations required, by regard for individual privacy,’” Liberty Counsel shares.

But the school board isn't budging. “Despite the initial September incident, then legal contact in October, the elected board for the district with 70,500 students has so far taken no action and administrators have refused to budge,” The Federalist’s Joy Pullmann reported.

What do you think of the school's refusal to acknowledge the privacy and feelings of the boys? And of their discipline of the teachers who want to protect the students? Share your thoughts in the comments! Thank you!