School Shooting Thwarted by a Grandmother, One Student Arrested

February 14, 2018Feb 14, 2018

On Tuesday, a student in Everett, Washington was arrested on the grounds that he was planning an attack on his high school.

The 18-year-old student had written out detailed plans in his journal for a shooting at his local school, ACES High School. Thankfully, the student’s grandmother helped to thwart the potential shooting when she found the journal on Tuesday morning.

The student’s grandmother called 911 when she felt that she had reason to believe that the threats were credible. According to reports, officers responded to the call and went to the house to look through the journal.

When officers got to the house, they were reportedly shown the plans in the journal and were told that the student had a rifle that was stored in his guitar case.

The plans not only included shooting his fellow students but also included details for homemade explosives. The authorities contacted the high school and warned them of the threat.

According to the county’s press release, the detectives with the Major Crime Unit served a search warrant in order to take the journal, the rifle, military styled inert grenades, and other items that could be used as evidence.

Later, the student was arrested at the school. At the time of his arrest, a knife and marijuana were found on his person. He was booked into the county jail on “probable cause for attempted murder” because of his intricate plans and the steps taken to execute a mass shooting.

A spokesperson for the Mukilteo School District said that they were extremely thankful that the student’s grandmother listened to her judgment and called the police when she did.

This is still a developing story. We will update here and more information is revealed.

Thankfully, this plan was stopped before it was too late. Still, this would have been a traumatic experience for the student's classmates. We can be praying for peace during this time. In other recent news, a famous actor and pro athlete were both involved in a fatal car crash this morning.

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