School Runs For Cover After Banning American Flag From Football Games

August 30, 2016Aug 30, 2016

In a decision that's hard to believe could be happening in America — or perhaps not so hard to believe — a high school in South Carolina banned the American flag from its football games for fear it could be offensive.

According to Fox News, the school's principal turned away full-sized American flags at the entrance to the stadium for fear that they would be used to taunt the opposing team, made up predominantly of Hispanic players. His decision was made off an alleged incident last year where students shouted "Go home" while waving American flags.

But the local community didn't appreciate the decision and let their opinions be known. Even the police chief was very vocal in his disapproval, releasing a statement to the whole town.

“To my knowledge, every TRPD officer, except one, believes that barring the American flag from a football game is not a correct policy,” wrote Travelers Rest Police Chief Lance Crowe.

After that, the story went viral across the nation, and Principal Lou Lavely relented under the massive backlash of people calling his decision unpatriotic. He reversed his decision.

Superintendent Burke Royster addressed the community, saying, “I fully support Mr. Lavely’s thoughtful reconsideration, and his willingness to respond to advice and input from his community. I am appreciative of the Travelers Rest High School community for sharing its concerns and opinions on this matter in a respectful, civil manner. I also appreciate and applaud their desire to promote patriotism and service as a part of the culture of their school and am in agreement that students’ desire to carry and display the American flag should be encouraged and supported throughout the District.”

The stadium the flags had initially been banned from was named in honor of a decorated World War II veteran.