School Districts Fight Back Against Obama Administration

December 01, 2015Dec 01, 2015

The Obama Administration has made it clear that preventing transgender students from using schools bathrooms of their choice is against federal law. The administration cites Title IX, a 1972 law prohibiting sex discrimination in schools, as their legal basis. But according to Education Action Group, school districts like Marionville in Missouri are trying their best to comply with the edict while still keeping boys out of girls' bathrooms.

To still provide a place for transgender bathrooms, the district has created gender-neutral bathrooms and has made it clear than any student can use a bathroom that correlates with his or her biological sex, not their chosen sex. The same applies to PE locker rooms and showers. Transgender students also have the option to attend alternative PE classes that don't require showers or wardrobe changes.


District attorney Tom Mickes makes the district's reasons clear: “Female students have a well-developed legal right to be secure in their body integrity. They have the right not to be naked in front of a male. We are going to provide alternatives, but showering with them is not one of the options.”

Other schools and districts in Missouri are also resisting the Obama Administration's demands, often at the insistence of parents and other students, including Hillsboro High School where earlier this year more than 100 students staged a walkout in protest of a boy identifying as a female using the girls' showers and bathrooms.

Do you stand with what these schools are doing in response to the federal transgender mandate?