School Bus Drivers Will Use Biometric Eye Scans To Keep Track Of Special Needs Kids

September 27, 2015Sep 27, 2015

A school bus system in the Lancaster, Calif. area has a new solution for keeping track of kids on its special needs buses.

According to, the Antelope Valley Schools Transportation Agency is using biometric eye scanners to scan each student who enters and exits the bus. When a bus finishes its route, the scanner is programmed to alert the driver if any student hasn't been account for.

The technology was implemented after an autistic student fell unconscious Sept. 11 and died after being left behind on the bus.

Does the idea of an eye scanner creep you out a little?

The president of IRITRACK, the security company that is implementing the IRITRANS technology, says the biometric eye scanners have “absolutely no identity security risks in the complete process.”


According to the IRITRANS website, the technology also allows parents to track their special needs child's bus travel online via a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Do you think implementing this technology for special needs kids would be a good idea for your school district's buses?