Schilling Doubles Down On Transgender Comments That Got Him Fired From ESPN

April 24, 2016Apr 24, 2016

Former MLB pitcher Curt Schilling recently was skewered by the liberal media for posting comments on Facebook that were critical of transgender people using bathrooms based on their “identity” instead of their actual gender.  Since his views went against the politically correct agenda that has swept through the country, Schilling was fired from his job at ESPN.

Anyone that is expecting an apology for Schilling isn’t going to get one. “Listen, people that know me know I talk a lot,” Schilling said in an interview with Breitbart. “I have opinions on a lot of things. I never have a problem admitting when I’m wrong or make a mistake. And I do it a lot, number one because I’m human and the only perfect human who ever walked the earth died a couple thousand years ago. I don’t try to be wrong. I love debate. I love to talk about things. I love to debate people who have a completely opposing opinion of mine because I think it helps me get educated about things I don’t know about, number one. But number two, I think vice versa is true as well.”

The problem isn’t what Schilling said or believes. “People have a very, very distorted view of opinions and beliefs,” Schilling said. “Beliefs, to me, are things that are foundational to what makes you. Jesus was the living Son of God, that’s a belief. I know that. An opinion is that I don’t think men should pee in women’s bathrooms, and vice versa. That’s an opinion. I don’t think anything differently about people because of that opinion. If you disagree with me, that’s fine. There’s a discussion to be had.”

Do you agree with Schilling?