Parents Worried After New Internet Challenge Leaves Kids with Burned Flesh

May 08, 2018May 08, 2018

Caution: The images below are graphic.

Recently, the "Tide Pod" challenge made headlines for being equally dangerous and stupid. Now, it appears the creators of the "Tide Pod" challenge decided to step it up a notch.

A new internet challenge is going around and causing kids to be badly injured and burned. It is called the "Deodorant Challenge" by teens.

"The game involves spraying deodorant onto a person's bare skin for as long as possible and has left Ellie with an injury so bad they are still weeping three weeks on," Jamie Prescott told Fox News after her daughter attempted the stunt.

"It's a hole in my arm and there's all this yellow stuff coming out. My friend did it a year ago and has a scar but said it wasn't as painful as mine. When I show people my injury they lift up their sleeves and show that they've all had it done too," said Jaimie's daughter.

Jamie recently took to her own Facebook account to create a post about the incident. She is hoping that parents will be able to learn about this new challenge and talk to their kids about the serious consequences it could have.

"For any parents who have children, please, please sit them down and show them these pictures," Prescott posted. "These are the damaging results of something known as 'The Deodorant Challenge' which is currently doing the rounds. It literally involves spraying deodorant on to someone else for as long as possible. It's that simple, and results in severe secondary burns," she said. "The pictures below are that of my year ten daughter's arm THREE WEEKS ON which may still as yet require a skin graft."

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