Scaramucci Just Attacked All His White House Enemies

September 22, 2017Sep 22, 2017

NBC News says Anthony Scaramucci went on "The View" on Friday planning to take the high road. He said he didn't intend to attack his former co-workers in the White House. That didn't last too long.

When prompted, "The Mooch" laid into Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, former chief strategist Steve Bannon, and Press Secretary Sean Spicer. He made it very clear exactly how he felt about the men who he'd targeted during his time in the White House.

At first, he refused to comment on a video of Spicer criticizing him. Scaramucci said there had already been too much "Republican on Republican crime," and he wasn't going to add to it.

But NBC News says, that with a little more prodding, Scaramucci opened fire.

When asked to comment on Bannon, Scaramucci had some nice things to say about the former strategist, who he called a "great speechwriter.” But he didn’t just have nice things to say about Bannon, who left the Trump Administration less than a month after Scaramucci himself was ousted.

He shockingly said the former strategist had white nationalist tendencies.

"Is he a white nationalist?" Scaramucci asked himself.

He didn’t wait for anyone else to answer. He added, “He has those tendencies.”

"If you read Breitbart, there's a lot of that white nationalist economic fervor," referencing the website that Bannon runs as evidence for his radical politics.

But Scaramucci didn’t just stop at criticizing Bannon’s politics. He also called Bannon one of the most annoying people in the West Wing, and he listed Bannon’s worst quality as having “a little bit of a Messianic complex."

As for the other most annoying person in the West Wing, Reince Priebus, Scaramucci had fewer negative things to say about him. He said the two of them got along while Scaramucci was a donor to the Republican National Committee, but the “food fight” started once Scaramucci was slated to be part of the Trump Administration.

"[Priebus] did not want me in the administration," he added.

He also seemed to infer that Priebus wasn’t fully behind Trump. He criticized him as one of those guys that "weren't full believers on the whole Trump Train."

As for Sean Spicer, the man who resigned as Press Secretary to protest Scaramucci’s appointment to the White House Communications direction, Scaramucci dismissed him. He simply called him “Liar Spice.”

Scaramucci also didn’t miss an opportunity to take credit for stopping the leaks that plagued the Trump Administration over the summer. He said the leaking has declined, and he gives partial credit to Communications Director Hope Hicks and Chief of Staff John Kelly. The other part of the credit goes to himself for firing a list of people during his 11 days in the position.

"Some of it is also the elimination of leakers," he said. "How about that?"

As for President Trump, Scaramucci has nothing but nice things to say about him. When asked by Joy Behar if he really loves President Trump, Scaramucci replied in the affirmative. 

"I do," he said. "I do think he's trying to do a lot of the right things."

Do you think Scaramucci was justified in airing his grievances with his former White House colleagues? Let us know in the comments. 

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