SCAM ALERT: New Christmas Scam Targets Amazon Customers, Don't Be a Victim

December 14, 2018Dec 14, 2018

The Christmas season is arguably the busiest time of the entire year. Millions of Americans make Christmas purchases and shop online in preparation for the big day.

However, scammers are quick to capitalize on all of the holiday shopping. A new Amazon scam has just come out that is targeting customers around the nation.

"According to WFTV, the new scam targeting Amazon shoppers allows the operators to max out accounts before the users even know what happened. In this scam, Amazon customers receive an authentic-looking email alerting them that their password needs to be reset. Believing the email to be legitimate, the customers enters their username and password," reported ABC.

"The scammers begin buying merchandise such as gift cards almost immediately after users enter their private information. A computer security engineer says if you receive an email requesting a password change, go directly to Amazon and log-in," reported ABC.

Experts are warning customers to be especially suspicious this time of the year. It is never a good idea to give out passwords or personal information over emails. Customers are advised that they should go directly to websites, such as Amazon, and input information on the actual site. Never input information over an email.

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