Saweetie Remakes Her Viral Performance Video In Response To Criticism [WATCH]


Saweetie Remakes Her Viral Performance Video In Response To Haters

SaweetieHe was unflinching in his response to naysayers.

Female rap star SaweetieA special video was made for those who were upset by her iHeartRadio Jingle ball performance. Instead of writing a response, she posted an Instagram video of herself performing the same choreography the internet criticised. She seemed more confident this time than she did when she performed the original routine.

She captioned the indirect response.

“i heard i was the best twerker in da worrrrrrld #icychainchallenge. reposting my fave videos tag me @theicygrls.”


The “Icy Grl” rapper turned the choreography into a social media challenge, encouraging her fans to upload videos of themselves doing the choreography under the hashtag “icy chain challenge.”

Saweetie received mixed reviews for her attempts to redeem herself. One user wrote:

“yassssssss Mama’s, I love the fact that you keep on going despite the fact of people talkin out they necks.”

Another wrote:

“Not the do over.”

Someone mentioned Saweetie’sProcedure for Brazillian Buttockslift:

“These bbls ain’t nun but BBFAILS.”

“Lmaoooooooo she said y’all not gonna clown her for that weak a** performance & did just a tad better.”

“This how u address a rumor.”

“I know dats right. You said it do move. Okay gworrrrrrl.”

“Sis been practicing!!! Come thru.”

“We have to stop idolizing all this fake s***.”

“She looks good. I’m still team Saweetie.”

“Her dancing is just as horrible as her music. Pretty privilege and light skin privilege definitely exists.”

Saweetie is a part of iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball tour lineup. The other performers include Ed SheeranThe Jonas Brothers, Lil Nas X. The holiday-themed tour began Dec. 10, and will make stops in Atlanta (Chicago) and Los Angeles (among other locations), with a different lineup for each concert.

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