Saweetie Posts Cryptic Tweet After Jayda Uploads Video Vacationing W/ Lil Baby

Saweetie Posts A Cryptic Twitter After Jayda Uploads Tk Tok W/ Lil Bab

Saweetie might’ve confirmed the rumored love triangle between herself, Jayda Cheaves, Lil Baby.

Rap star SaweetieThe cryptic tweet that she sent out was enough to get everyone talking this weekend. The message was shortly after the social media personality. Jayda CheavesPost a Tik Tok With Rapper Lil Baby, where they seemed to be on vacation together.


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She tweeted:

“I be minding my business. You can check the time stamp. Love and light always.”

She also posted this picture of herself:

Many fans assumed that she was referring directly to them. Jayda Lil Baby’s apparent reconciliation.

Just a few months ago, the “Drip Too Hard” rapper allegedly spent close to $100,000 on SaweetieDuring a shopping spree, sparking rumors about a fling between them. While Lil Baby denied the rumorsFans continued to whisper about the possibility of their pairing.

The next month Jayda Lil BabyThey were seen on a vacation trip. They’d broken up in early 2021.

JaydaJan. was another day of internet speculations when she posted a picture of herself and a mysterious man. His face wasn’t visible in the picture, but social media users quickly declared that the man in question was Lil Baby.

Lil Baby JaydaThey began their relationship in 2016. Their most recent split was caused by JaydaThe rapper was accused of cheating. They have a son. Jayda2019: The birth of.

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