Savannah Guthrie Allegedly Controlling ‘Today’ Show ‘Like A Tyrant,’ Pushing Out Hoda Kotb, Anonymous Source Says

Is it? Savannah GuthrieThe shots are being called at the Today show? Guthrie claims Guthrie will push Hoda KochShe will be able to reign supreme over the beloved NBC morning news show. Let’s take a look behind the scenes of Today.

Savannah Guthrie ‘Cracks The Whip’ At ‘Today’ Show?

This week, the National Enquirer reports Savannah Guthrie has gained full control over NBC’s Today show. Guthrie apparently climbed her way up the ranks after Matt Lauer quit the show in 2017 amid sexual harassment allegations. “Savannah now has 100 percent say,” an insider reveals. She plans to stop a plot to boost ratings. They first wanted to bring back fan-favorite Kathie Le Gifford. Then they wanted Jenna Bush Hager kicked to the curb.

“Jenna is Savannah’s best friend,” the tipster snitches. “There was no way Savannah was going to let that happen!” And since Gifford’s return has been squashed, her best friend and former co-anchor Hoda Kotb has accepted that she’s probably the next to go. Instead, the star has been shifting her attention to her fiancee and their two daughters. “She also plans to adopt another baby soon and wants to spend more time with her children,” the snitch adds.

Guthrie even used her birthday party to determine who she can trust at NBC. Guthrie reportedly hosted a gathering of over 60 peopleDespite rising COVID numbers, she remained at her New York home. “Nobody wanted to go because of coronavirus concerns, but nobody wants to upset Savannah,” the source insists. “She now has more power than Lauer or Katie Couric ever did! If you upset her, you’re not going to last very long at NBC!”

‘Power-Mad’ Guthrie Pushing Out Hoda Kotb?

There’s absolutely no evidence to support this story. While Savannah Guthrie has taken a more front-and-center role since Lauer’s departure, not much has changed at Today. Kotb has essentially become Guthrie’s co-anchor, so it doesn’t make sense that Guthrie would plan to push her out for seemingly no reason. It seems like the tabloid resents successful women and believes they must be plotting each other’s demise, but this just doesn’t seem to be the case for Guthrie and Kotb. In fact, judging from Guthrie’s Instagram profile, it seems like she and Kotb are good friends.

As for Guthrie’s birthday party, the tipster’s story is speculation at best. While it’s true the star hosted around 60 people at her birthday bash, sources say it was mostly close friends and family. We doubt that she forced the entire NBC staff into attending the event.

More Network Drama from the Tabloid

This isn’t the first time the National Enquirer NBC has created drama. Not long ago, the outlet reported “snooty” Savannah Guthrie and “power-hungry” Jenna Bush Hager were creating a toxic work environment at the Today show. The magazine also claimed that Guthrie and Hager were feuding with Kotb. The publication also claimed Blake Shelton was being expelled. The VoiceAnother popular NBC program is. Naturally, the Enquire doesn’t have any insight behind the scenes of NBC.

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