Satanic Church Leader Shares How Many LGBT Are in his Church

July 25, 2017Jul 25, 2017

Is there a connection between the LGBT movement and Satanism? The leader of the Satanic Church says there is. Lucien Greaves, leader of the Satanic Temple says "he wouldn't be surprised if more than half identify as such." Explaining that his church doesn't have strong distinctions between gay, straight, or trans, he isn't sure of the exact amount, but he describes the "radically-inclusive space" to be one that would attract LGBT members. 

In fact, the news source in which Greaves was interviewed (Vice) describes the Satanic Temple as a "platform for LGBTQ members to celebrate their identities." Greaves has previously shared that his group does not view Satan as a literal person, but more as a philosophical construct that represents rebellion in general. 

The Christian Post reports that, in general, people who don't believe in God tend to be more supportive of the LGBT movement. "Previous polls have shown a strong link between LGBT and non-religious identification, as well as heavy support from atheists and agnostics for LGBT concerns."

This isn't too surprising, since non-religious people don't usually have an external source of scriptures or divine teachings that set right and wrong. Instead, what often happens is people just go along with what the culture says--and it tends to be a path away from God's laws. 

But what is surprising is the number of Christians who are now leaning towards supporting and affirming the gay lifestyle and gay marriage. Just recently, the entire Church of England came out in support of gay and transgendered people, affirming gay marriage and saying that homosexuality is not a sin. This comes in direct opposition with numerous verses in the Bible. 

Yet the Church of England is not alone. Another notable Christian leader, Eugene Peterson (author of the Message Bible), just came under fire after affirming homosexuality and gay marriage. He, within days of his statement, retracted his support, saying he felt "under pressure" in the interview in which he gave his support. Jen Hatmaker, another popular Christian author, came out in support of gays and gay marriage, calling it "holy," earlier this year as well.

These Christian figures and large denominations make it confusing for other Christians to know what is right and wrong about homosexuality. The culture wants us to believe that every way a person wants to love and be known as (i.e., transgender) is right and okay before God. But the Bible paints a different picture, describing God as specifically planning a person's gender and desiring that people be in a heterosexual, committed marriage and found a family within it.

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