Sarah Sanders Slams Media For Spreading Rumor About Melania Trump's Marriage

May 07, 2018May 07, 2018

The Daily Caller reports that Sarah Sanders slammed the Washington Post on Monday for spreading rumors about Melania Trump's marriage and living arrangement. In particular, the media has reported that Melania isn't actually living in the White House. 

“Sarah, the story this morning The Washington Post, among many things, reported that there are persistent rumors that Mrs. Trump does not live in this White House,” a reporter asked, according to the Daily Caller. “And that she lives with her parents somewhere in the suburbs. What do you make of those rumors?”

“I make of the fact that just when you think The Washington Post can’t get things any more wrong, they do,” Sanders responded. “That is an outrageous and ridiculous claim.”

Sanders then pointed out that Melania Trump does indeed live in the White House, adding that she and other staff see her regularly. 

“The First Lady lives here at the White House. We see her regularly. And I think that’s something that belongs in tabloid gossip, not on the front pages of The Washington Post.”

Despite speculation about her marriage, First Lady Melania Trump has seen an increase in approval, according to CNN.

A poll conducted last week found that the first lady has a 57% approval rating — a number that is up 10% from January. This is the largest number Melania Trump has experienced in any CNN polling, including higher than any favorable rating earned by Donald Trump going back to 1999. Only 27% of respondents have an unfavorable view of the first lady.

Melania's increase in favorability ratings come amongst Democrats, too. In fact, among polled Democrats, her favorability has spiked 15% since January, and among Republicans, her favorability has increased by 6%. The gender gap in impressions of the first lady has also narrowed. Her approval rating has increased 7% among men but has increased a mighty 13% among women.

CNN speculates that the jump in positive feelings associated with the first lady could be due to what they call the "sympathy factor."

"For the past several months," they write, "the President has been the focus of numerous salacious stories regarding alleged infidelity in the couple's marriage." 

In recent news, a sad update emerged after a deputy was shot responding to a call. 

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