Sarah Sanders Looks Full of Joy After Special Guest Paid a Visit to White House

May 24, 2018May 24, 2018

Most days on Capitol Hill are filled with important decisions, fast-paced movement, and high-stress meetings. Every now and then, however, the public gets a glimpse into some of the happy behind-the-scenes moments that take place at the White House!

Now, Americans have seen a moment caught on camera where Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has one of the most joyful expressions we’ve ever seen! It’s all because of a special guest that joined her in the White House!

On Thursday night, Sarah Sanders posted a picture of herself with Sylvester Stallone! She added a photo of her wearing a giant boxing glove, staging a punch to Stallone’s face.

Sanders included a Rocky Balboa quote in her caption.

She said, “‘It ain’t how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward,’ -Rocky Balboa. Thank you @TheSylStallone!!!”

Not only did Sanders’ facial expression make her viewers happy, it was also the quote that she chose as her caption. Sarah has been no stranger to ridicule as she has spent so much time in the public eye over the last year. However, she constantly “keeps moving forward.”

Sylvester Stallone was at the White House because of the pardon that President Trump made for Jack Johnson. Stallone posted on his own social media accounts about the special day as well.

He said, “Waiting for the moment to go into the Oval Office for the pardon of the great FIRST black heavyweight champion, Jack Johnson.”

Do you love Sarah Sanders' expression in this photo?! Let us know what you think! In other recent news, a "Duck Dynasty" star is dating a familiar face, and fans can't stop smiling about it!

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