Sarah Sanders Calls Dennis Rodman with a Special Message from Trump

June 13, 2018Jun 13, 2018

Retired basketball player Dennis Rodman has been an advocate for North Korea for years, especially given his friendship with Kim Jong-un. Now, the former Detroit Pistons player is being recognized for that advocacy.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called Rodman with a special purpose. She wanted to thank him for his “positive” comments on the summit, and she expressed the administration's gratefulness of his aid in bringing President Trump and  Kim Jong-un together.

“I just wanted to call in,” said Huckabee Sanders in a video obtained by Vice News Tonight on HBO. “The president had seen some of your comments over the last several days, and he just wanted me to reach out and thank you for some of the positive things you said and appreciate you being helpful in this process.”

According to the New York Post, Sanders made the call on Monday while in Singapore for President Trump’s summit with Kim. Rodman was also in Singapore for the summit.

Rodman can be heard thanking Sanders for reaching out. In reply, Sanders said, “I know he appreciates it, and again, we appreciate your support, you being here and being so vocal about it.”

Rodman is clearly a fan of the POTUS. In the video, he can also be heard requesting a meeting with President Trump.

“When you see Donald next time can Donald say hi to me and say, ‘Dennis, I would love to shake your hand,'” Rodman said laughingly.

Sanders agreed, saying “I’ll pass that on," before adding “Today may be a little crazy but we’ll try and do something when we get back to the states.”

“That’s our whole hope and dream, honey,” Rodman said. “Thank you.”

Watch the full conversation here: 

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