Sarah Palin UNLOADS On Clinton For Calling Trump A Racist, Turns The Tables On Her In A Major Way

August 26, 2016Aug 26, 2016

Sarah Palin just unloaded on Hillary Clinton in a big way. The former Governor of Alaska and vocal Trump supporter lashed out at the Democratic presidential nominee for her recent attacks on Donald Trump.

Recently Clinton tried to paint Trump as a racist in a new ad in which she shows video clips and images of KKK members offering support for Trump. By trying to make Trump appear as racist, Clinton labeled all of his supporters as racists by association.

Clearly, Clinton has conveniently forgotten about her support from KKK members and the ringing endorsement she received from the Orlando terrorist’s father. Clinton also conveniently failed to mention her long relationship with her mentor, the former KKK member and Democratic Senator, Robert Byrd.

Sarah Palin did not forget, and she took to Facebook to remind Hillary Clinton that her racist past is far worse than anything she has attempted to pin to Trump.