Sarah Palin Gives Update On Husband After His Horrific Crash

March 31, 2016Mar 31, 2016

Earlier this month Todd Palin, husband of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, was involved in a serious snowmobile accident north of Wasilla.


According to Alaska Dispatch News, Sarah gave an update soon after, saying her husband was "in intensive care at an Alaskan hospital with injuries including multiple broken and fractured ribs, broken shoulder blade, broken clavicle, knee/leg injuries; and a collapsed lung. He is presently back in surgery to repair multiple fractures."

A couple weeks later, Sarah has taken to Facebook to give an update on his condition and thank everyone for their prayers.

She wrote, "He's in a good place — on the couch — insisting if there's any good season for injury, it's now."

She reported that he's enjoying March Madness and watching Alaska reality TV shows.

As for his recovery, she said, "In our 35 years, I've never seen the guy have to literally hold still, sit down,and take a (winced) breath. And I've never seen Todd so touched by the kindness shown during difficult days. He's got a great heart... to go along with two inflated lungs now, metal holding bones together, and stitched up epidermis that makes him appreciate good health more than ever."

Todd had a few words to share as well, saying, "I can't thank you guys enough. The past few weeks showed us it's not just family circling the wagons; I don't think we'd ever realized that before. People out there who are hurting a hundred times worse than I was can use our prayers and any kind gesture. Maybe I can only repay by offering the same to you."