Sarah Michelle Gellar Brings Daughter to ‘Do Revenge’ Premiere

Sarah Michelle Gellar.

A family affair Sarah Michelle GellarAttended the premiere of her new movie Revenge on Wednesday, September 14 — and brought daughter Charlotte along for the ride.

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum, 44, and Charlotte, 12 — whom Gellar shares with husband Freddie Prinze Jr. – stepped out for a mommy-daughter date night at the Hollywood Roosevelt to celebrate the new satirical comedy, which debuts on Netflix on Friday, September 16.

Both ladies were dressed to impress with Gellar wearing a shiny bronze minidress and heels. Charlotte, on her part, followed the Barbie core trend in wearing a hot pink suit and matching eyeshadow. The preteen slicked back her hair in a chic bun, and wore a pair of white sneakers to keep comfort a priority.

RevengeThis is the which Jennifer Kaytin RobinsonDirects and stars Maya HawkeAnd Camila MendesAs two teenage girls who want to find a way of getting back at bullies who torture them. The movie was inspired Alfred Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train and also features Sophie Turner, Austin Abrams, Johnathan Davissand many more young Hollywood stars. Gellar, meanwhile, portrays Kathryn Merteuil, the headmaster at the girls’ prep school.

The Cruel IntentionsStar opened up to Entertainment Tonight about her role — which was kept under wraps until the day of the premiere — calling it “delicious.”

“I think I felt the nostalgia, but I think I also felt the excitement of sort of the reincarnation of these kinds of movies because you never grow out of these,” she gushed on Wednesday.

Gellar, 46, celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary two weeks ago with Prinze. The couple – who also share son Rocky, 10 – celebrated their big day by sharing throwback photos of their early romance via social media.

SMG and Daughter Make Rare Appearance at ‘Do Revenge’ Premiere: Pic
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Among the sweet snaps was a screenshot of the She’s All ThatStar during a 2001 interview The Howard Stern Show, where the radio host, now 68, bet Prinze $1 million that his relationship with Gellar wasn’t meant to be.

“So, you will marry Sarah Michelle Gellar even though you know it won’t last?” the New York native goaded the Summer Catch star more than two decades ago. Prinze replied, “Oh, absolutely it will last.”

Stern persevered, assuring the Punky Brewster alum he would “be a completely different man” by the time he was 35. “And she will be a completely different woman, but that’s alright,” Prinze replied.

“@Sternshow, what do you think?” Gellar captioned her Instagram Story earlier this month. “I think you owe us.”

The Scooby-Doo costars, who tied the knot in September 2002, have exceeded Stern’s expectations by 10 years. Prinze shared their story of how they fell in love while filming in February 2020.I know what you did last Summer 1997

“We just would talk about life and stuff like that, and we had completely different philosophies on just about everything,” he exclusively told Use Weekly. “‘Cause she was a born and raised New Yorker and I was a born and raised L.A. kid, and we just looked at everything like night and day.”

The California native joked that he also started cooking for Gellar because he thought “she was too skinny.”

“We started this weekly barbecue thing at her house, and me and my cousins would come over and cook food for her and her friends. And then we’d make sure everybody ate, and that was kind of how our friendship began,” he revealed to Us.

Gellar shared her secrets to a happy and healthy marriage in September 2019.

“You have to call and check in and dedicate that time, and most people aren’t willing to put that work in,” she explained to Use. “So, to have a successful relationship, whether it’s marriage, whether it’s friendship, whether it’s business, you have to put [in] the time if you want to see the results.”