Prince George's Adorable Royal Wish List for Santa Only Includes One Request

November 30, 2017Nov 30, 2017

4-year-old Prince George already has a busy schedule of playing with his younger sister, attending his first year at school, making public appearances, and getting ready for a new sibling on the way.

Prince George of Cambridge is the third in line to the throne. Before him is Charles, the Prince of Wales, and his father, William, the Duke of Cambridge. After is his younger sister, Princess Charlotte, followed by Prince Henry of Wales and then Prince Andrew, the Duke of York.

Though Prince George is the probable future King and though he already has royal responsibilities, he is still a 4-year-old. And what do many 4-year-olds do at Christmas time? They write a letter to Santa, of course!

On Thursday, Prince William was in Finland on a two-day trip. While there, he ran into Santa Claus at a Christmas market in Helsinki.

He said, “I’ve seen you, and I had to give you this letter.”

Prince William proceeded to hand St. Nick a letter from 4-year-old George. On the letter was a brief question about whether his behavior had been naughty or nice.

Prince George circled the word “nice.” When talking to Santa, William confirmed that his son had, in fact, been nice.

He said, “But he’s been a nice boy, a nice boy.”

The list that Prince George wrote for Santa only included one request: a police car.

William said while he laughed, “He hasn’t written down many requests, so I think one request is probably OK.”

At the bottom of the letter, Prince George included his royal signature. Santa nodded in agreement. After, William gave some holiday treats including mulled wine and ginger biscuits that were shaped like reindeer.

The royal family has a lot to celebrate this holiday season with the announcement of Prince Harry’s engagement and with a baby due for William and Kate in the spring of 2018. Hopefully Prince George receives a police car and has another reason to celebrate! In other recent news, Kathie Lee Gifford just gave a powerful response to Matt Lauer's termination. 

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